OBI Group Sourcing Hong Kong Ltd. as an employer

OBI Group Sourcing Hong Kong Ltd. (OGS) offers challenging positions within an international and dynamically growing enterprise. It is imbedded in an affiliated group and operates closely with its German headquarters as well as other sales organisations in a range of European countries.

For OGS, its employees are the key success factor and most valuable asset. The people make the difference. Dedication and motivation are important for working at OGS. Core values for the OGS management style are:

We are ambitious and always aim for the best.
We care for each other.
We are curious and open to new ideas.
Each of us takes responsibility for our own actions.

OGS cares for its employees. We provide a positive work environment by paying close attention to the personal needs of all our staff members. It is important for OGS to create an inspiring and encouraging work environment, so that each employee can fulfil their potential and demonstrate their personal strength. Equally, working in interfunctional and intercultural teams is a key success factor of OGS. We support this team-orientation with a number of individual and team-dedicated development initiatives. We trust our employees. We believe that an open-minded and respectful working environment is the best foundation for the successful growth of our business. We respect the personal dignity of each individual as well as the personal rights and private lives of all our employees.

OBI as a business partner

OBI ensures that our selection of suppliers is based on the requirement that our relationship with our suppliers will be ethically and morally sound. We are dedicated to ethical, fair and vigorous competition. We will sell our products based on their merit, superior quality, functionality and competitive pricing. We are aware that resources are in short supply and that we have a responsibility to future generations. We therefore ensure that our products and manufacturing processes comply with the requirements of sustainable development based on the three elements of ecology, economy and social commitment. All form of compulsory and forced labour are unacceptable to OBI! Observance of and compliance with the law are a self-evident duty for our company.


  OBI Group Sourcing Hong Kong Ltd. is member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). For further details see the OBI code of conduct.
OBI Group Sourcing Hong Kong Ltd. cooperates with BDO as a local ombudsman in order to provide the solid base for a reliable, fair and sustainable business.
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